Basics on Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

Garage doors come in different styles and designs from roll up sectional garage door to the Up Over garage door.  They are available in different sizes and shapes from single 8×7 to double 16×7 garage doors. Some garage doors are created with multiple panels while others are made from single panels. You can choose the metal or wood garage door along with a customized lock, windows, and any other security device you may think of. There is one part which they all have in common is how they work and operate. The operating mechanism of garage doors is very important which make the magical. Garage door torsion springs play an important role in the operations of the garage doors. Visit here to get more information about the garage door system.

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Broken garage door springs: It is the very common garage door repair project. On average, torsion springs has a life span of 8 to 12 years depending on the quality of the springs. Some garage doors are designed with either one large torsion spring or two mountings on each side of the garage door. On average 1-4 garage door springs are used depending on the design and operating system of the garage door. it is strongly suggested that don’t attempt the garage door spring repair without proper knowledge, experience, and tools. If it is performed, you are running under the danger of injuries to your hands and fingers. Believe me, it’s not worthy. It is best to leave it to the professional.

When your garage door is operating with more than one spring and one of them is broken or loses its tension, it is strongly advised that change all the torsion springs at once to protect the garage door and its components from further damages. Even though the mechanism will function correctly, if you have replaced the one spring, but you may be running under the danger of having older springs which will break down anytime. The older one will break soon and it will also impose a heavier load on the new springs which decrease its life span. It will also give you more headaches and can cause more expenses.

In some extreme cases, when torsion spring breaks down, the garage door may drop without giving warning with no safety measurements around it. The falling garage door can damage the panels, cables, and opener, no one knows what and who may be around it when the torsion springs snap suddenly. If your garage door is running with a single spring mechanism, it is suggested that you should change it to the double spring. In the case, when one spring breaks suddenly, the other one can hold the garage door in place. It is a safety feature that comes with modern garage doors. The components of the modern garage doors are accessible and cheap to replace.

Save your time and money by getting them replaced at once: It is strongly suggested that you should contact a local garage door repair company if you have any problem regarding garage door springs before attempting it on your own.