Village Sur Glace

Village Sur Glace

Welcome to the new private community of Village Sur Glace!

Village Sur Glace is located in the heart of Houston, Texas. This website is created by the elected village councils for the hope that we can create a more peaceful, better, organized community in Houston. Village Sur Glace is one of the top community the city. We suggest to google and search the beautiful places you can see in the vicinity of this place to appreciate it more. We have organized community here that will make you feel safe.

Our houses are installed with high-quality garage doors. Thanks to the A1 Garage Door Service Houston, our cars are safe and secured. The street has flat cement road covering trees on the side for more shade. Churches, Groceries, Clubhouse, School, Park, River and Forest, Police Station are some of the amenities in the village.Regularly, we hold events, parties, activities, and meetings for the community to make our neighborhood more comfortable in interacting with each other. This makes it easier also to develop camaraderie and to make friends.

We invite the residents of Village Sur Glace to strive to become a member of the council. Of course, you must be a resident of the Village Sur Glace with no outstanding balances. Here in Village Sur Glace you do not have to be a member of any political party or had a political knowledge to become a council member. Our Village of Sur Glace Council are all normal people like you who have families, live in homes in the same location of yours, and work jobs within the surrounding communities.

What are our responsibilities as a member of the council? Simple. We simply need to be dedicated and passionate individuals interested in serving their community and making our Village a better place to live in. We’d want a safe haven where we can work normally and where our kids can play with other kids and their friends. Our community is also proactive in looking out for their people. If you have any troubles, you can seek for Mr. Ackles, the secretary of the council and tell them what your concerns are. To all the residents of Village Sur Glace, we highly recommend you to sign up today in our community newsletter to keep up-to-date with the latest news, contests, events, activities and community meetings in our Village.

To preview other houses for sale, please email us, we have contacts with the agent of the houses in Village Sur Glace. Walk through the village to preview personally what beautiful homes are open for you to live in. Village Sur Glace houses feature the same top quality construction, space-engineered floor plans that increase your usable living space and chef-inspired kitchens with contemporary features and functionality.

In addition to houses that for sale in Village Sur Glace, if you are interested in the said houses and want to live in our village, we have contact agents who can help and assist you throughout the process of buying homes in Village Sur Glace. For further details about it, kindly reach out through email.