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My family and I are considering moving out in our townhome and moving into a smaller house in Village Sur Glace. Don’t get us wrong, we are not suffering in any way. In fact, we’re in a great situation where we are. The problem is we’re basically sick of living in a larger house especially when there’s just a few of us. So we would like some advice from those who are currently living in Village Sur Glace. We can afford a house, probably around $30k for the minimum amount. Can anybody recommend any other nice areas on that village for us to live in? We would love if the area has a water edge and few trees scattered around. I’ve also heard through the villagers that the Village Sur Glace has a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Can anyone confirm this and if so what areas should we avoid? Transportation convenience is also a concern as our kids are at school and my wife and I both are working. Although, we do have a car which will be very helpful, I guess. Thank you in advance.

– Michael

Being in Village Sur Glace for 10 years, I do love living in here. There is no area for you to avoid. In fact, the village is recognized as the most peaceful community in Houston. If you want a water edge and trees, definitely Village Sur Glace is the right place for you. You don’t have to worry about the transportation because there is always a designated bus stop near the gate of the village. This makes everything accessible. Plus,we also have a school near the village and lots of amenities and establishments. Kindly visit the village and check out the place.
– Vincent

Great information! This will definitely help me decide on my decision. Thank you so much.
– Michael